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How do I order a tag?
Click on the "Order Tag" tab in the menu at the top of this website and fill out the form. Once that is complete, we'll start making your tag!

Can both my first and last name pronunciations be on my tag?
Yes - we have the capacity to include the pronunciations of your first name or last name or both! 

How many tags will I get?
When you complete the order form, you'll receive two tags of different sizes, to account for the various sizes that may be needed, based our field testing.
How much do tags cost?
Nothing! Because we have seed grant funding, we are able to provide these tags at no cost to you.

I am not a medical student or physician - can I still get a pronunciation tag?
Absolutely! As long as you have a UW email and fill out the order form, we'll send them to you. We are also working to expand this project beyond the medical community here at UW. 

Where do I pick up my tag?
Depending on your current role (e.g medical student, resident, etc) and location, you will have different options to pick it up. If you're in Seattle, you can pick up at office A-300 at the medical school, or in your respective residency/fellowship's administrative office. Alternatively, we can mail it to you if you have a UW mailbox #. If you are in the WWAMI region, tags will be mailed to each state's medical school foundations site (see order form for the specific city); more details to come!

I am not in Seattle or other WWAMI locations listed on the order form - can I still get a tag?
Yes, you can still get a tag! You could 
pick up from one of the existing locations on the order form. However, at this time, we are not able to mail tags to personal addresses. That may change in the future. Otherwise, stay tuned!

What is WWAMI foundation site?

WWAMI is an acronym: Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho. The UW School of Medicine has "Foundation Sites" in major cities in those states, where medical students start school before clinical training across the WWAMI region.  

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