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Project Lead

Sudiptho R. Paul is a current 4th year medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine. The inspiration for this project has been a culmination of life experiences navigating predominantly white spaces as a first-generation Bangladeshi-Thai American and recognizing the importance of names and pronunciations. This awareness continued into medical school, leading to the integration of NameCoach into UW School of Medicine systems and eventually founding the Names & Pronunciations Initiative. This advocacy for improving equity, communication, and understanding in our community continues alongside the numerous other people who also are pushing for more inclusive and equitable change, many of whom are involved in supporting this project and are listed below. Thank you all.

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Partners and Supporters

UW Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rashmi Sharma

UW Medical Student Advisory Committee

Nihal Bondugula

Jenny Jensen

Yasmine Johnson

Jenny Park


UW School of Medicine

Phaedra Allen

Dr. Heather McPhillips

Isha Shrestha

UW Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity

Nora Coronado

Priscilla Estrada

UW Network for Underrepresented Residents & Fellows

Dr. Ivonne Beltran

UW Graduate Medical Education

Cindy Hamra

Dr. Byron Joyner

Tammy Ramirez

Resident & Fellow Physician Union - Northwest/CIR/SEIU

Badge Printing by UW Creative Communications

Kate Montebello

Thanks for Helping Integrate NameCoach Into the UW School of Medicine

Michael Campion

Nitika Gupta

Kia Gianni Thigpen

Additional Thanks

Dr. Alexandra Molnar

Initial 2023-2024 Funding Provided by UW Resilience & Compassion Seed Grant

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